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Our History...

Lorain Community Music Theater was incorporated December 31, 1976. The Charter members included Sharon L. Herzer, Ann Nagy Jensen, Marlene Koethe, Clarice Larimore, Charles Nunley and Luis Sanchez. A non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, we are proud of our rich history in Lorain County, providing our audiences with top-notch entertainment.

The first few productions were held in the original Lorain High School Auditorium. Many years were spent on the stage of the Palace Civic Center on Broadway in Lorain, followed by the Stocker Center at LCCC. We are delighted to have 'returned to our roots' in Lorain at the beautiful new Lorain Performing Arts Center, located within Lorain High School.

We are led by an all-volunteer group of theatre enthusiasts that work tirelessly to bring a bit of 'Broadway' to our community at an affordable price.

Board of Directors


Ron Cocco


Dr. Craig Koehler

Vice President

Tracy Butchko


Brenda Phillips 

Jerry Gach


Karen Abbott

Meghan Cvetic-Ferraro

Michael Ferraro

Laura Golden

Marlene Karpinski

Dr. Robert Lang

Bev Muzilla

Jeanie Radcliffe

Luke Scattergood

Pamela Shirtz

Anthony Trifiletti

Dr. Ted Williams

Sandy Wolf

Interested in Volunteering?

Lorain Community Music Theater values the time and effort that the thousands of volunteers have given, to bring quality musical theater to the stage. There is always a need for people who have expertise and/or interest in set construction, costume design, make-up, lighting, sound, props, stage management, ushering or ticket-taking. In addition, our organization is built on the dedication of our Board Members, who are responsible for securing financial support for our yearly show.


If you are interested in becoming involved in our organization, please send an e-mail to

A few kind words from our friends...


"LCMT was the first community theatre I had ever worked with, and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Every step of the process was terrific, from the directors, producers, choreographers, sound, lights, and actors. LCMT fosters an environment for growth and learning while still holding everyone accountable for their responsibilities needed to put on a great show! I learned so much about myself as a performer and person through LCMT’s production of Godspell, and I will be forever grateful! This is a theatre you should strongly consider working with!"

     -Nathan Zadzilka, Studying Music Education at     

      Baldwin Wallace University (Class of 2026);

      portrayed Jesus in LCMT’s production of Godspell     


"I am the daughter of Ted Driscol, owner of the former Driscol Music Co., and late Jeddie Driscol, long-time teacher, director, and choreographer in Lorain County.  Although my parents were both gifted in music, I would not have had the career I have without the amazing programs of LCMT.  From a young age, it gave me the opportunity to grow as an actor, singer, and dancer, but also helped give me the confidence to go out in this crazy world and succeed. I will always remember my roots!"

     - Melissa Driscol, Executive Ambassador at Estee

       Lauder and Event Planner and Entertainer at The   

       Stonewall Inn, New York City


"In 1991, I was a 16 year old who was looking for any way to be involved with the theatre. LCMT gave me my first opportunity to be involved...I ran props, I tap danced, I spoke my first lines, and I took on stage management. Being able to try so many different roles, both onstage and off, was the best part of my LCMT experience.  I would not have my career in the American Theatre today if it weren't for my time with LCMT."

     - Joe Salosovich, Costume Director at the Tony Award

       winning Arena Stage in Washington, D.C.


"I have always identified with the proverb 'it takes a village to raise a child', and LCMT was my village.  From my first production to my last, LCMT was a community of teachers, friends, and family that ultimately guided me to where I am today. I found my voice, my self confidence, and my passion every summer that I was part of a show; that passion led me to my lifelong belief in the transformational power of the arts, and landed me in New York City.

     - Sarah Wozniak Martin, Planned Giving Officer at

       Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York


"I cannot say enough about the IMPACT that LCMT has had on my personal and professional life.  Working on the productions allowed me to take my directing craft to a new level. I was challenged by the productions offered to me, and gained a lot from meeting those challenges in a warm, positive, friendly environment.  LCMT really is a family affair - and it is good to feel a part of that family."

     - Ansley Valentine, Associate Professor of Acting and

       Directing at Indiana University • 2024 National Alliance

       Acting Teacher of Excellence Award 


"It has been my great good luck to be associated with LCMT as an onstage performer, pit orchestra musician, and, most importantly, an enthusiastic audience member.  The dedication, talent, and hard work that goes into every production is truly remarkable.  That LCMT provides such an outstanding outlet speaks to the commitment LCMT has to providing theater participants and theater goers with the best in musical theater."

      - Claude Coller, retired Instumental Music Teacher of

         Lorain City Schools, with the former Southview High

         School as his home base.



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